Zay & Bee are taking a hiatus for the big Melbs move - back January! (Miss you already.)


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What’s your sizing like?
Generally you’ll find the sizing of Zay & Bee garments run pretty true to standard sizing. The ONLY exception to this are the girls’ tees which are designed to be a little shorter and fit more snugly. If you’d prefer a slightly roomier fit, just size up one size!

Can you make me something special?
Ooh, yes please! This is my jam. Select, write some deets and I’ll be in touch! You can revise a design as many times as you like for no extra cost. I can come up with some adorable and/or hilarious for yours or your friend’s crotch-fruit.

Do you do stuff for grown-ups, too?
SURE DO! Just select 'adult' in the size and leave a note of which size you'd like. Easy as!

What if I’ve left it to the last minute and need it really, really soon?
I think we’d be best friends - disorganisation buddies! Let me know when you need it by when you place your order, and I’ll let you know how fast I can do it! If I can’t do it in time, I’ll refund you with no probs.

What’s your turn-around time like?
During quiet times I generally aim to get your orders out within 24-48 hours. During a little bit of a rush they’ll generally be shipped within a week. During insanely busy times like Christmas and Father’s Day we may need to allow a couple of weeks. If you have a deadline or time constraint though, let me know so I can make sure it’s ready on time!

Can I pick up locally?
Sure can! Just select ‘Local Pick-Up’ when it comes to selecting shipping. I’ll email or message you my Chapel Hill address when I get your order!

How do I best look after my snazzy new item?
Too easy! You can chuck Zay & Bee clothing in the washing machine but not the dryer. Cold wash is best and delicate wash even better. If your life is so together that you actually iron your children’s clothes, please iron this one inside out on a very low setting! Then let me know your magical secrets of how your life is so together, you wizard.

Do you have AfterPay?
Sure do - I like irresponsible spending as much as the next guy! Huzzah!